THYLACINE - The Case in Defence

Chapter 8


Whenever Bob said he was going out for a load of wood, Claudine was right there with him. Claudine was like that. Bumping over old bush tracks with Bob at the wheel was what she liked to do most.

Claudine and Bob had been timber getting together since they were first married.

So, on a cool winter’s Saturday in 1981 when Bob said he wanted to clean up the old dead gum tree they’d been working on, Claudine was all go. While Bob cut, Claudine stacked. That’s how they worked together - Bob chain-sawing and Claudine rolling the logs down the bank towards the truck.

However, this day was going to be different.

Claudine hadn’t even thought about loading a camera!

Claudine’s Words

"Me and Bob were going into the bush early in the morning. It was a Saturday in June or July, about 1981 or ’82. We were in our car on the track."

"A Tiger walked slowly across the track, about 8 or 10 feet away."

"I said, ‘Oh, look at that funny animal!’"

"It looked like a dog but it sure was no dog. Real different, it was."

"It had a whiplike tail and had stripes on it."

"It moved off into the bush quickly, but not quite really - just vanished, disappeared."

"Bob said to me, ‘You just saw yourself a Tiger.’"

"Then we went on and did what we had to do in the bush."

Claudine wasn’t lying!


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