THYLACINE - The Case in Defence

Chapter 7


A Tassie Tiger was the last thing Janine expected to see early that November morning in 1980.

Janine was getting ready to drive the 25 kilometres to her responsible job in town. Her two young daughters were still sleeping. Fred, her husband, was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. The family lived on a small farm in the tiny rural settlement of Underwood.

Being a bush-lover, Janine liked to spend a few moments watching the sun rise above the towering trees of Brown Mountain before she left for work. Nearby was the chicken coop. Beyond was Mount Arthur. Below was a scattering of houses leading to Lilydale.

This was her moment of quietness and contemplation.

It was not in Janine’s mind that she might need a camera!

Janine’s Words

"I got up early that morning as I usually do. It must have been about five o’clock. It was summer and clear. I went onto the landing and looked towards the chicken house. We have since torn it down and built a new one. It was over there, I suppose about 10 metres from where I was standing."

"I sensed there was something around. Something different. You know what I mean? I felt something was looking at me."

"I looked up and, there, on top of the chicken coop was this animal. It stared at me and I stared at it. It was really quite beautiful. Sort of golden."

"It had a big head and stripes across the base of its rump."

"It didn’t last long, maybe 5 seconds. We just sort of stared at each other. I retreated a couple of steps to try to get the attention of my husband who was still inside. I stayed within sight of the animal and called softly, but my husband didn’t hear. So I called and beckoned and in the meantime the animal disappeared so I went inside to tell him."

"Fred knew something had happened by the way I was shaking."

Janine was not lying!


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