THYLACINE - The Case in Defence

Chapter 6


Brothers Bert (53) and Ron werenít looking for Tigers that day in 1970 when they went out with their father (early 70ís) and friend, Charlie, to cut electricity poles. They didnít expect to see a Tiger, either.

Loggers and trappers all their lives, both brothers knew the sclerophyll bush around Scottsdale very well. They also knew bush animals. However, neither of the brothers had ever seen a Tiger.

Their father had filled them with Tiger tales from his early days, but like most people, they thought the animal was dead.

What a pity they held axes, not cameras, that day!

Bertís Words

"We were working out in the bush, about 1970, I think. It was when we were getting poles for the Hydro. We had knocked a whole lot of them down and were pulling them out. One of the trees still had its head on. The area had been burnt over some short time before, so there was almost no underbrush."

"Well, we went over to pull the head off the tree which was laying on the ground, when a Tiger, as slow as you please, just sort of loped, I guess, from under the limbs of the tree."

"He wasnít in any hurry. But, then, they arenít very fast, anyhow. We watched him for about 300 yards, me, Ron, Dad and Old Charlie. Two things stood out in my mind when I saw him saunter across the burnt over area."

"The two things I remember so well are those stripes on the back and their whippy tail which comes to a point. When they walk the tail is held straight back."

"Well, we just stood there and watched him till he disappeared in the bush and then went back to work.

"There was no doubt in any of our minds that what we saw was a Tiger."

"My Dad and Old Charlie knew that, too. They had seen many and told us stories about them, like how they canít turn around like a dog because of their back. They are stiff and have to turn around in a circle."

Ronís Words

"We felled the tree the day before. Hadnít quite cut its head off, so went back to get it. About 9 a.m. we decided to have morning tea. We were getting Hydro poles. It was summer and there were snakes about. Saw a snake and went back over to cut off its (the treeís) head."

"The animal came out from where the head of the tree was and loped down the track."

"I guess we must have watched it for 20 seconds or more. It went into a tea tree patch in the gully and disappeared."

"People thought I was on the hops when I told them. Told a man from the Agriculture Department - David Bruce. He was interested if we could find any footprints some time later. We drove out there but nothing ever came out of it."

"We saw the animal clear like. Visible. It was in the bush with low bracken fern. Didnít pay any attention to us."

"No doubt in the minds of any of us that what we saw was a Tiger. Couldnít have been anything else."

"Me, my brother, Dad, and Charlie all saw it. Still in my eyes."

Bert and Ron were not lying!


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