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Joan Dehle Emberg, is a Tasmanian author-writer and former university and college literature/writing teacher. She has a Master of Literature degree from the University of New England and a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Human Geography from the University of Tasmania. She has written a number of books some of which are available at www.tasmanian-tiger.com.

Over the years Joan has assisted people in writing their own stories. Many people have asked her to help them with a full autobiography. She has finally decided to formalize the years of assisting so many people with their tales and has started the business: "Write Your Own Story".

Joan's philosophy is that all people's lives are valid and important history. She has developed a genre she refers to as, "Folk History". These are the stories and tales told by all people and, for the most part, have not been recorded. Joan has taught countless students in Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea, China and Pacific Islands. Her point of view is that people should share their personal experiences for the sake of themselves, family and posterity. For example, her recent book, "25 Years with a Mad Man!" is a collection of many humorous incidents and moments of pathos from her very active life.

Who has not said after the death of a beloved grand parent, "If only we had written Grandma's (Grandpa's) wonderful stories down…but it is too late now!" Past times are not all humorous tales. War tales, drought and survival anecdotes belong in the genre of Folk History as well.

Joan Dehle Emberg has decided to do just that: help people record their personal stories and develop a book for those who wish to pursue their history further but who do not know how to go about the complex task of writing for the historical record.

At the end of many one-on-one interviews and a delving into personal history, an accurate record will be printed and bound as a Microsoft document with a soft binding. Copies will also be given to: The Australian National Library and the Tasmania State Library. The book will be given an ISBN number.

Joan is NOT a publisher or a literary agent. She will assist, record and ultimately write your story. She says all people have valid folk tales which belong in the genre of history/literature. She has enlisted the help of other writers and historians to ensure these works will be of literary merit. You are the author of your book. Joan views herself as a facilitator.

All materials, audio, printed and other will be returned to the author. Nothing is held by "Write Your own Story". Ph. 03 6326 9313
Outside Australia the phone number is: 61 3 6326 9313

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