Many people have asked for a thylacine sighting map. Here it is. Most data was collected from old material. These sightings do not include the most recent sightings of the last five to ten years. We are still seeking to verify more recent sightings. That is not easy as we have to go to the area and also try to validate people, time and place.

Does the animal exist today? Forestry practices in Tasmania are referred to by the forest harvesters as "World's Best Practice". This basically means to them: clear felling and replacement by plantation trees and monoculture.

The result has been the diminution of the animal's habitat on a massive scale.

Yet, while the forest's borders are getting shorter we continue to hear of sightings. The real question is, "Will the thylacine continue to survive the onslaught of human degradation?" We think that is a world-wide question that involves all animals, including people.

Please continue to send us material. We will put it on our website as we can. Our website is totally funded by ourselves in the interest of thylacine and animal wide.

Yours for Habitat Saving,

Buck and Joan Emberg

Tasmania, Australia


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