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    i think that someone should send a biologist from National geographic into Auistralia and search for it or any reamains

    NY, United States
    Friday, 14th October 2005 at 10:42 (AEDT)

    The Tasmainia Tiger is a wonderful animal, and I think that, it really exists, now!

    Marek Civan <>
    Nitra, Slovakia, Slovakia - Europe
    Thursday, 13th October 2005 at 17:36 (AEDT)

    Very interesting, never even heard of a Tasmanian Tiger before today. Hopefully they will remain elusive and avoid distinction at our hands!

    NY, USA
    Tuesday, 11th October 2005 at 3:37 (AEDT)


    sarah <>
    hobart, tasmaina, austraila
    Monday, 26th September 2005 at 12:36 (AEDT)

    I stumbled across your site while searching for those elusive pics, reported to have been taken by a German tourist. Has anyone actually seen a copy of the photo/s in question?
    Before my husband and I left for Sweden, I decided to visit the Melbourne Museum and I wandered into the Tasmanian tiger "exhibition".
    After seeing the footage of the last captive tiger in the Hobart Zoo (I think it was the Hobart Zoo), I was captivated and a little distressed at the same time.
    The Thylacine is truly a magnificent creature. I actually read every piece of information on display and watched the footage so many times I lost count.
    As an Australian I am proud, but when it comes to the Thylacine (and a few other topics)sadly we have provided the world, with the best example of what not to do.
    Are there Thylacines living out in the Tasmanian wilderness? I hope so, I really do. I really enjoyed visiting your site, keep up the great work and I will check up on your progress. Hey I loved your mud house!

    Tiger fan <>
    Sweden - expat
    Sunday, 25th September 2005 at 5:4 (AEDT)

    This website is pretty good, pretty chic, pretty high tech and all that. BUT IT HARDLY HAS ANY INFORMATION ON THE TASMANIAN TIGER, WHICH I NEED FOR MY SCIENCE ASSIGNMENT. It's only about people wanting to see these tigers. Please add more information

    Wednesday, 14th September 2005 at 20:55 (AEDT)


    Bruce Park <fireman_bill67@uptusnet,>
    Blacktown, NSW, Australia
    Wednesday, 31st August 2005 at 9:39 (AEDT)

    I have found some good articles on the National Geographic website. A creature named Lowe's servaline genet. a small cat, only known from a skin collected in 1932 has just been photographed - so another species has evaded detection for several years.

    Have joined Jersey Wildlife trust ( dedicated to saving endangered species. It now seems the Devil is in trouble as well.

    Would financially support a sanctuary, which is what the Tiger needs - "Tigerman" in the Tigerbook has already outlined feasible plans.

    Our biggest problem is that years of persecution means any surviving TT's simply avoid us. They have learnt that food bait will be fatal, and if they realise that men know their lair, they move on. But lets not loose hope or give up, or else many more species will have gone forever if man continues current policies throughout the world

    howard woolford <>
    new forest, gb
    Saturday, 6th August 2005 at 21:55 (AEDT)

    Wish I could go to Tasmania b/c i will find the tassy tiger and prove to the world that thie cute woderful creature DOES exist

    PA, USA
    Thursday, 28th July 2005 at 2:32 (AEDT)

    this site is really good. I have lots of information now. Thank you for making it!! :)

    sylvia <>
    sydney, nsw, australia
    Wednesday, 27th July 2005 at 12:15 (AEDT)

    Hey, This website is a great one, If you can, could you please send me some information on the Thyacine(Tasmanian Tiger), if you could send it to

    Mel <>
    Campbelltown, NSW, Australia
    Wednesday, 27th July 2005 at 12:10 (AEDT)

    the tasmanian tiger was a very speaial animal and is very cute

    michelle mowlam
    melbourne, victoria, australia
    Tuesday, 26th July 2005 at 20:34 (AEDT)

    Having recently returned from my first tip to Tasmainia, i was amazed by the sheer amount of bushland and stunning forrests. These dense wonderlands could harbour a new species of human let alone a few thylacine.THEY ARE OUT THERE! If everyone knew about the styx forrest and how beautiful it is logging there would be outlawed through public opinion alone. but then again what would a loggers kids eat for dinner?. John howard think of a solution fast. long live the tiger

    melbourne, vic, aus
    Monday, 25th July 2005 at 21:7 (AEDT)

    love the site:) I was shocked on the first page

    SHAUN <>
    crows nest, QLD, Queensland
    Monday, 25th July 2005 at 12:45 (AEDT)

    I love the tasmanian tiger and i hope we will find it and save it.

    Marius Künzl
    Mainz, Geramy
    Monday, 25th July 2005 at 6:11 (AEDT)

    i really do feel sorry for this animal and i do belive its roaming out there still. I belive that they have adapted to living away from human life. we shouldnt have tried playing god and kill them just because of a diet (ITS NATURE ITS THE WAY THINGS HAPPEN. NATURE IS MADE TO LIVE IN PEACE NOT TO BE HUNTED)

    alex hill <>
    birmingham, england
    Thursday, 21st July 2005 at 3:17 (AEDT)

    This year despite the rediscovery of the North American Ivory Billed Woodpecker which was the ultimate scoop of the 21st century, this may provide hope for the Thylacine. I strongly think that the Tasmanian Thylacine is not extinct, but if they're still unconfirmed sightings going on I encourage certain American Zoos such as The San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Conservation Society (AKA The Bronx Zoo) to participate in the search of the Thylacine and confirm its existance, in addition my reaction towards its unconfirmed sighting is that there is still hope to rediscovered this magnificent predator and I strongly think that the earth needs The Thylacine.

    Jorge Luk <>
    Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
    Wednesday, 20th July 2005 at 7:42 (AEDT)

    I hope this creature has indeed survived, particularly note a sighting plus other evidence, such as the chap who saw one in his back garden, then two weeks later, his poultry run was cleared out, whatever did it was powerful enough to bite through the wire, or the lady whose dog got into a fight with one, and was treated by the vet.

    The TT is (i hope) the last survior of large marsupials, which developed parallel to mainland placental mammals.

    I hear that attempts are being made to introduce foxes onto Tasmania, and am horrified. Here in England it is regarded little more than a pest, it has invaded urban areas, and is tolerated because it provides for the sport of hunting.
    Foxes, like devils, once they get in a run, will kill all poultry within reach, and also take lambs. Our farmers detest them.

    I think, like Tigerman, that small numbers do exist, they have learnt to avoid us at all costs for obvious reasons.

    Don't forget 7 Sept National Thylacine Day

    howard woolford <>
    New Forest, GB
    Tuesday, 19th July 2005 at 1:14 (AEDT)

    Just saw discovery channel(creatures) about the the tasmanian tiger. Felt really sorry for it as it was destroyed and push to the edge by us humans....who was trying to play god then(how stupid).But i really still believe that there r still a small population roaming freely out there, nothing is impossible in this world. always have faith in the tassy tiger, long live the Thylacine.

    Andre <>
    Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah, Malaysia
    Sunday, 17th July 2005 at 19:27 (AEDT)

    I'd just like to say that I really do hope that there are a few isolated breeding population of the Tasmanian tiger out there. I'm a biologist and it would be a wonderful discovery to find a tiger. I only hope that the old growth forests and other marsupials do not follow the tasmanian tiger.

    Matt <>
    Chicago, IL, United States
    Saturday, 16th July 2005 at 11:52 (AEDT)

    Hi, I hope that you are correct that the Thylacine is still with us, it is so tragic that a wonderfull and unique creature has been driven to possible/certain extinction by mankind, (sadly just one of many) I have never been to Tasmania and I am not sure if there are dingoes on the island, but if there are, surely they would have out-competed the thylacene as they did on the Australian mainland? But please keep looking and have faith as if one was found it would be fantastic. Thanks Ian Cliff

    Ian Cliff <>
    Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England
    Saturday, 16th July 2005 at 5:2 (AEDT)

    i think its so bad that we are the cause for the extinction of the tasmainian tigers , but we can only learn from our mistakes to help the rhinos and other animals close to extinction

    Friday, 15th July 2005 at 2:26 (AEDT)

    Are there still tigers out there? I really hope so. It would be so great if there are still some tigers roaming the Tasmanian wilderness. And what of all other presumably exstinct animals? Are there still moa or huia in the remote New Zealand forests? But I'm a sceptic. The little evidence believers provide is dubious to say the least. I mean, some people really do see ufo's, don't they? I just think that if there are any tigers still out there, it would be possible to photograph them or detect them in any way. I mean, there's so much high-tech equipment out there and they can't find anything: no dead specimens or pictures of live one's. And a government cover-up? People who believe that have really been watching too many X-files episodes. o tragic as it may be, I think we will never ever see the tiger-wolf again. But I sure hope I'm wrong...

    Tom <>
    Maaseik, Belgium
    Wednesday, 13th July 2005 at 1:4 (AEDT)

    This is Tabby again with the 70 year thing I mean if the tasmanine-tiger has been living for almost 70 years after it's suppost to be extinct I think it has made it just fine on it's own in the last 69 years if it's still alive. With hope a fan

    PA, USA
    Friday, 8th July 2005 at 15:25 (AEDT)

    I watched the show animal-x and became interested in the tizzy-tiger. If there ru still alive I think we should try to find them but if we do we should let them in the wild because if they could live almost 70years in the wild I think they can survive but we could try to help them along alittle. I really hope they do find one cuz that would make history it would give me a good reason to go vistit Astrulia.

    PA, USA
    Friday, 8th July 2005 at 15:16 (AEDT)

    Tassy tigers could open there mouths to almost 180 degrees!! The last one dies Sept. 7th 1936 in captivity. They ate meat, tail was thick, and were VERY, I repeat, VERY!!!! cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)

    PA, USA
    Friday, 8th July 2005 at 15:10 (AEDT)

    hi my name is hannah and i am doing a project on the thylacine and i was wondering if you could send some information?. who are buck and john (on this website)
    did they see a thylacine?

    thanks alot

    from hannah

    hannah <>
    oatlands, TAS, Australia
    Friday, 24th June 2005 at 12:28 (AEDT)

    I watched Animal X and became interested in the thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger. I believe they are still alive and I think we should find them and try to save them. I think everyone should fight to save all endangered animals because all of them matter.

    Pa, USA
    Friday, 24th June 2005 at 11:28 (AEDT)

    i think we should look into alll of the sightings cuz i believe they r still alive


    Friday, 24th June 2005 at 2:35 (AEDT)

    The Tazzy tiger is a cool animal and others dont know crap shit about it and my friend giann and me have a thirie about it

    thony <>
    perth, WA, austrailia
    Thursday, 23rd June 2005 at 18:50 (AEDT)

    I think that t.t ( Tazzy tiger) still lives among us, how could it not? I'm 12, other kids don't know crap about this awsome animal...

    Kyler Randolph <>
    Galion, Ohio, america
    Thursday, 23rd June 2005 at 7:40 (AEDT)

    Hey! I loved your web stite it's sooo cool! As I read on other people's messages I watched animal X and the animal was AMAZING! It was cool to see the paw-prints, it had 5 toes!

    Jordyn HANSON <>
    Spokane, Wa,
    Thursday, 23rd June 2005 at 1:40 (AEDT)

    if the people knew that the tasmanian tiger was going extinct but didn't want it to then why didn't they stop the people from hunting them? and if the care so much about these animals then way wouldn't the take some of then out of there and move them someplace else?

    canada, Ontario
    Thursday, 23rd June 2005 at 1:30 (AEDT)

    I truly enjoyed reading the articles on the Tasmanian Tiger. Also enjoyed touring your new home. Looks like a great deal of work went into it.

    Take care,


    Anita Schultz <>
    Seattle, WA, USA
    Wednesday, 22nd June 2005 at 4:59 (AEDT)

    With the continued sighting reports, it is most likely the tiger is indeed still with us. Our governments, both US & Aussie, are corrupt with cover-ups & clandestine agendas. Still, in the case of endangered species, secrecy is justified in protecting the endangered flora and fauna from those who will exploit them. I still worry over the demise of the black rhino, black bear, and big cats from those damned Asian "old schoolers" who still think they can get a hard-on and improved sexual drive from these animal parts. Go buy some damn Viagra or Cialis and leave the wild animals alone! That goes for the sharks, sea turtles and snakes also!! Here's to hoping the Tazzy Tiger is re-introduced to the population of the world that will help protect and appreciate the diversity it represents.

    Dave <>
    Camp Hill, PA, USA
    Wednesday, 22nd June 2005 at 1:41 (AEDT)

    Thank you for your work. From what I read and hear, I really have the strange feeling that the authorities are trying to cover up something about the possible "non-extinction" of the thylacine. Some sightings (the ones I have read on this site and others as well) are really convincing; nevertheless, it is true that the best evidence of the existence of this species would be the capture of a living specimen or the discovery of a body.
    However, I am convinced that this legendary animal has not died out.

    Bernard FROUIN <>
    Paris, France
    Sunday, 12th June 2005 at 7:32 (AEDT)

    You are right about non-cooperation with government in trying to find the tiger. It's only something they'd try to use/abuse. Good Luck!

    Paul C. <>
    Val,atie, NY, USA
    Wednesday, 1st June 2005 at 12:2 (AEDT)

    The tasmanian tiger is one of the strangest but one of the most beautiful animals ive seen . I was wondering , now they've put on a proper search and if they catch it , will they put it in a buddy zoo . If they do its a disgrace , I hope the one who catches it gets eaten when their backs turned.
    I remember once when I was very small and a common moth flew in the window . My dad tried to kill it . I jumped on his back and screamed in his ear 'leave it alone'. I cupped it in my hands and put him back out . I couldnt believe my dad wanted to kill something so innocent. From then on ive had chickens a pony four dogs and a green winged Macaw . I do feel sorry for my macaw echo , he cannot fly only swear. I would rather him be in the wild but i know he'd never survive . So when they take something that can fend for itself and is unique in its own right , from the wild it makes my stomach turn .
    I just wanted to know ive rambled on a bit. What wiil they do with the tasmanian tiger when they catch it ?

    Scarlett Blak <>
    luton, uk
    Wednesday, 1st June 2005 at 6:51 (AEDT)

    I saw a tazmanian tiger on holiday in tazmania... i was camping next to lake pedder in the south of the island! it was 2 years ago on a gap year from uni in scotland. i thought it was some sort of odd stripey dog/dingoe or something. i never thought anything off it until i read that this is an 'extinct' marsupial wolf.

    Stephen Ferguson <>
    glasgow, gla, scotland
    Friday, 27th May 2005 at 2:53 (AEDT)

    I find the sighting very interesting and the Tasminian Tiger very interesting the way they move how they look it is a shame that i will never get to see one i wish our ancestors didn't kill them all i wish i could see a real living one. The sighting that the people have told me makes me feel sad that our ancestors have ruined it for me and the people in the future.

    Xav <>
    Melbourne , Vic , Australia
    Thursday, 26th May 2005 at 12:43 (AEDT)

    Having worked as a land based fisherman on Tasmania's central west coast, the stories of recent [10-15 years]tiger sitings should definatly not be ignored! The sheer cliffs with impeneratable bush,make tracking this incredible creature virtualy impossible.Fact!
    Gus Emberg,Vietnam

    Matti Emberg <>
    Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam
    Wednesday, 25th May 2005 at 11:39 (AEDT)


    Having visited Tassie recently, driving round a bend on the B34 15 kilometres north west of Swansea and about 50 kilometres south west of Bicheno (on the east coast) last Friday and I noticed what appeared to be a tiger carcas on the side of the road. My partner wouldn't let me stop the car, but it was very suspicious and different from any of the massive amounts of roadkill I had seen on the journey. It had a fawn coloured fur coat and a pointy tail. The animal appeared to be smaller than a dingo and very wolf-like. Because it was on its side to back, I couldn't see any stripes.

    Well anyway, not sure if this was a quality sighting, but hope that someone might check it out to verify.

    Fingers crossed that they are still out there somewhere ...

    anonymous <>
    Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    Monday, 23rd May 2005 at 11:34 (AEDT)

    I find the story of the extinction of the Thylacine tragic and infuriating. Why this was allowed is just an indication of how callous and uncaring the human race is. My band has written a song and produced a video of the story of the Thylacine if anyone is interested:
    Go to the Media link, then Videos and select 'Kill all humans'. I hope you enjoy it.

    Alan Strawbridge <>
    Portland, Dorset, UK
    Thursday, 19th May 2005 at 3:51 (AEDT)

    Hi. I', a norweegen girl. i have to riht a text about australia. I desided to rith about the tasmanian tiger. i think they are beutyfull, but think about all the damage this animal can make! If you can put up som fotoes, that would be nice. sorry my english.

    By the way, Norway is NOT the capital of Sweeden...
    Lots of love Me.

    Hilde 14 years <>
    Sandefjord, Norway
    Tuesday, 10th May 2005 at 2:20 (AEDT)

    The recent rediscovery of the supposedly extinct Ivory-Billed Woodpecker in the United States should give new incentive to those hoping find that there are still some living thylacines in Tasmania.

    Alan Cobden <acobden@shaw>
    Kelowna, BC, Canada
    Monday, 9th May 2005 at 2:59 (AEDT)

    the tasmanian tiger is the most interesting extinct species in Australia.

    merry <>
    rohnert park, ca., usa
    Wednesday, 4th May 2005 at 6:9 (AEDT)

    Have a perve at

    adelaide, sa, aus
    Sunday, 1st May 2005 at 10:15 (AEDT)

    The tasmanian tiger is alive for sure.

    Tomek <>
    montreal, canada
    Sunday, 1st May 2005 at 4:28 (AEDT)


    Aaron <>
    adelaide, sa, australia
    Sunday, 1st May 2005 at 1:16 (AEDT)

    I believe the Tasmanian Tiger is still out there, and the government just is hiding it. If people knew of the creature still being alive people would want to hunt it for a prize. I think out of the safty of the animal they are keeping it secret. I mean, the sightings are proof enough that the Tassie Tiger could still be around. I believe they will clone the Tassie Tiger, and we will learn more about it and how it behaves.

    Jamie <>
    Chillicothe, Ohio,
    Friday, 29th April 2005 at 1:2 (AEDT)

    I also saw the tv show on Animal Planet: entitled-"Animal X". I was so entrigued. When I heard that there was a possiblity the tiger was still alive I was shocked and totally captivated. The thought of an extinct animal actually being alive is so awesome. I really hope we can save this animal if it is alive. I hope we can get some hard core evidence so the "scientific community" will except that it does exist! Thanks for the info.....

    Lindsay B.
    Pelham, NC, USA
    Thursday, 28th April 2005 at 18:33 (AEDT)

    I feel sorry for these guys.I read a book about marsupials.It said that Tasmanian tigers were exstinked.Yeah right!I'll prove they exsit when I go to Austrila next year!

    Shelby <>
    Sumaton, AL, USA
    Monday, 25th April 2005 at 2:57 (AEDT)

    I would like to see the tasmanian tiger back, to not be known as a non exsitant. Perhaps a couple back and bred in zoo's so that the population of these unknown animals would increase. People need to know more about this animal and it's surroundings...... Scientific research of these tigers would not be a bad idea. Although i'm from the United States I would like to see something done... I would also hope to see one in our zoo's in the States, but only if they helped populate them....

    Patrick O'Shea <>
    Bemidji, MN, U.S.A.
    Friday, 22nd April 2005 at 8:48 (AEDT)

    hey i also heard adout the tazzy tiger on animal "X" it's such a great animal and wow to tkink it still exists today! i mean after the guy wreseled with one wow!iv even done a report on one using your web site !!!!! keep it up ....keep me posted.....!!!!:)

    Jordan Gettis <>
    auburn , WA, U.S.A.
    Wednesday, 20th April 2005 at 11:20 (AEDT)

    The first time I heard about the Tasmanian Tiger was on the show "Animal X" and I do believe that they are still out there. They're so amazing and powerful.

    nicole m
    Lewiston , Idaho, United States
    Tuesday, 19th April 2005 at 11:28 (AEDT)

    I like this website

    adelaide, sa, australia
    Tuesday, 19th April 2005 at 10:10 (AEDT)

    I was doing a report on deforestation for a class. I have heard about and seen pictures of the Tasmanian Tiger (or Thylacine). Then I saw the show last night on Animal planet. I want to say thnks for that show, it has helped on a few things I am writing about. Please let me know about other developments about this elusive animal.

    Laura <>
    Lenoir City, TN, USA
    Tuesday, 19th April 2005 at 0:43 (AEDT)

    i watched a show about this animal, i would like to kno a little bit more of this creature i want to kno if it is really here. so would you please e-mail me. i am about 13 years old and i have taken intrest into this animal. please contact me as fast as you can.....thank you

    aria <>
    alfred, M.E, U.S.A
    Monday, 18th April 2005 at 22:25 (AEDT)

    I am a tasmanian tiger freak I love how amazing these animals are. I would really to be part of your group of people that you have going. By the way if you all are as big as fans as I am you should really watch animal x. Thats what got me started. E-mail me anything you guys or girls find out.:)
    Tasmanian tiger freak

    Kristen taylor <Justdiana35@aol>
    Horse Branch KY, United states , Kentucky
    Monday, 18th April 2005 at 0:0 (AEDT)

    Great it has alot of good information

    Jane <dont have one>
    Greenock, Glasgow, Scotland
    Saturday, 16th April 2005 at 2:23 (AEDT)

    i really got into the tasmanian tiger when i watched animal x. i thought it was so intresting to see a new animal. i've never heard of it b4 and just watching the show i got goosebumps. it is an awesome animal and it should really be protected b4 it becomes extinct.

    ruth deer <>
    conway, ar, usa
    Friday, 15th April 2005 at 1:59 (AEDT)

    i saw a tazzie tiger when i was young


    Thursday, 14th April 2005 at 12:4 (AEDT)

    G'day mates as alstailians say. I'm american and i bougt ty the tasmanian tiger the vidio game, i love it. i found out thier extinct and thats when i wanted to find more.THANKS!

    Christopher gregory

    P.S. if you get footage of a tassie tiger, E-mail it to me.

    Christopher gregory <>
    McHenry, IL, USA
    Thursday, 14th April 2005 at 7:46 (AEDT)

    after watching animal x last nite i got interested in the thylacine. they are really interesting. i hope that they are still alive, but if they are out there they are too smart to let themselves to be captured and experimented on.
    Tasmanian tigers are the best animals ever and i am doing a report on them for me Language Arts class.
    ~ Loren

    Loren <>
    wilmington, DE, USA
    Thursday, 14th April 2005 at 3:17 (AEDT)

    The only worry if there are some thylacines left is that if the logging industry finds out before they are made to be protected they may start "dissapearing" again. This is because if they are discovered on a plot of land then it would be protected and could not be logged out or built on. Another problem is that if there is not enough genetic variation they may die out anyway. Genetic variation could be an issue with cloning, too. So, it would be really cool if there is a surviving population AND cloning would be achieved. I hope there are some left and we realize it in time to save them. Humans are so dumb alot of the time.

    Stacey <>
    Harrisburg, PA, USA
    Wednesday, 13th April 2005 at 23:0 (AEDT)

    The videotape footage i took was shown on the animal x documentary in the usa recently.To see the animal x3 doco go to the makers of the program in western australia.They are called storyteller media you can go to their website to order a copy of the dvd etc called the mystery of the thylacine.Thanks for your kind Cheers michael

    michael moss
    melbourne , vic, australia
    Monday, 4th April 2005 at 10:14 (AEDT)

    I love Tasmanian Tigers and think that everybody should help them make a comeback!!!

    brittany <>
    new orleans , louisiana, united states
    Monday, 4th April 2005 at 8:10 (AEDT)

    Yeah, I'd like to actually SEE that video too. Went to the website to see it & was disappointed to only get to read about it.
    This website is great, love your work. I think the tiger is out there and kicking. Hope he's around for a long time to come. :)

    Melissa <>
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Sunday, 3rd April 2005 at 22:38 (AEDT)

    i would like to c proof of this video plz


    Sunday, 3rd April 2005 at 17:10 (AEDT)

    I featured on the animal x program on tasmanian tiger/ thylacine recently. I have a website please go to vidoetaped a thylacine in 1998

    michael moss
    melbourne, vic, australia
    Saturday, 2nd April 2005 at 10:52 (AEDT)

    this site is so cool!!!!!!!!!!
    i really hope that the tassie tiger is still alive! it's just so cute!

    luv alex

    P.S. hava look @ the reward for finding a tassie tiger alive and safe ............

    Alex <i'm not telling u that!>
    Brizzy, Qld., Aussie land
    Friday, 1st April 2005 at 13:28 (AEDT)

    I hope Tasmanian Tigers are still out there. If not that's all right, just as long as we know.

    Ashley Mills
    Rigby, ID, U.S.
    Wednesday, 30th March 2005 at 5:54 (AEDT)

    This site was great.I thought i would never find a site that would give good info!!!

    nashelly faundez
    Miami, florida, u.s.a
    Tuesday, 29th March 2005 at 12:4 (AEDT)

    I thought your website was the best for my 1 min talk on the tasmanian tiger.

    Alastair Smith <>
    Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Tuesday, 29th March 2005 at 9:6 (AEDT)

    I liked this place because it gives a lot about the tasmain tiger

    john <Jovul@>
    seneca falls, N.y., US
    Sunday, 27th March 2005 at 2:52 (AEDT)

    A very interesting and beautiful animal. I sincerly hope it is alive and well in the bush and that it can stay in peace there. If one were found, it too would probably be confined to a zoo and if that should happen i hope there will be two of them, a male and female, who can have pups amd help to bring back their kind to roam free.

    Amie Tessla <>
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Saturday, 26th March 2005 at 13:25 (AEDT)

    I hope Tasmanion Tigers are still out there. If there not, then it's a good example of what man can do to animals. I think it's cruel what they did to the Tasmanion Tigers. They didn't so anything any other animal would have done. To me the people were not being fair. I mean in the end the livestock get killed eiether by a sickness or man. It may make the farmers lose money, but that gave them no excuse to kill all the Tasmanion Tigers.

    Kimberly <angel92_052000>
    IL, US
    Saturday, 26th March 2005 at 11:40 (AEDT)

    I was wacthing a special on tv called animal x thahs what got me interested in the tasmanian tiger

    melody foreman <>
    moses lake, w.a, grant
    Saturday, 26th March 2005 at 9:56 (AEDT)


    nataly <>
    whittier, ca, usa
    Friday, 25th March 2005 at 16:14 (AEDT)

    i too saw the animal X program it was very interesting to see such a remarkable animal. But in a way a mouth that big would kinda scare the crap outta me. :O jk any ways just like to let u people know that that animal still exsists. it just got smarter to stay away form us. u know?

    nataly <>
    whittier, ca, usa
    Friday, 25th March 2005 at 16:9 (AEDT)

    I watched animal x last night and i thought the tasmanian tiger seems really interesting. i would like to find out more about it. thats why i was on here. well laterz

    Amanda <>
    Portales, New Mexico, United States
    Friday, 25th March 2005 at 11:36 (AEDT)

    Since I saw animal X last night, I have learned to love the thylacine. I think they are still alive.

    Thylacine Lover <>
    Pa, Pa, USA
    Friday, 25th March 2005 at 10:0 (AEDT)

    I really like the site. I saw Animal X on animal planet last night. I thought that the show was awesome. I think that the thylacine still exists. The poictures and the sitings were so cool. This marsupial is very common, and the sitings weren't as rare as I thought they would be. They are very interesting and they have a very interesting shape. They mouth is very uncommon. They have a very interesting body shape, and mix of animals in it's background.

    Cryatal <>
    Cooper City, fl, united states
    Friday, 25th March 2005 at 7:7 (AEDT)

    I saw the segment about the Tasmanian Tiger on Animal Planet last night and was thoroughly intrigued. One thing for sure, if they continue the current harvesting practices in the Tasmanian Forest, this animal will surely become extinct (for good). Then we can build more shopping malls and suburban havens for us humans to forage in.

    Kathleen McGrath <>
    Columbia, SC, USA
    Friday, 25th March 2005 at 4:24 (AEDT)

    I love this animal! I hope that with continued research, we will have many more documentations of this fascinating creature.

    annie kosenski <>
    boulder, co, usa
    Friday, 25th March 2005 at 2:47 (AEDT)

    I think the Tassie Tiger still exists out there. After all they have found fresh foot prints and scat. Also there has been hundredss of sightings on the mailand and Tasmania. One was even confirmed and officially recognized in the 1990's it was not made public though because the Tassie is a major enemy of foresting companies. If they found out they would go out and kill all of the remaining. They are out there because they are now officially functionally extinct. Meaning they are out there but not enough to sustain the species.
    Ryan, Age12

    Ryan <>
    CT, USA
    Friday, 25th March 2005 at 2:7 (AEDT)

    I sincerely hope that they are still out there. hopefully one or more will be found and left alone, they are such a unique animal and after having survived an extinction they deserve a break.

    Jerry Chenard <>
    Hudson, NH, USA
    Friday, 25th March 2005 at 0:54 (AEDT)

    I think The Tazmanian tiger is Extinct people say they are still alive but it is hard to beleive they are amazing creatures but people must be imaganing things if they think they are alive ps if you see one makesure you Have a camera to see if they are still alive not extincted and dont get too close to them either they are killers to anything they think is going to harm them

    Jodie <>
    Picton, Nz, Picton/NewZealand
    Thursday, 24th March 2005 at 18:59 (AEDT)

    i think that there is still a very strong chance of there still being a tiger out there. there is to much evidence to be completely looked over. i just hope i will be around to see it.

    helena <>
    Oshkosh, WI, USA
    Thursday, 24th March 2005 at 14:21 (AEDT)

    i think that there is still a very strong chance of there still being a tiger out there. there is to much evidence to be completely looked over. i just hope i will be around to see it.

    helena <>
    Oshkosh, WI, USA
    Thursday, 24th March 2005 at 14:17 (AEDT)

    i really wish that i was around when the tasmania tigers where because they seem really ineresting!

    silly <>
    ausiie, aussie, aussie
    Thursday, 24th March 2005 at 11:52 (AEDT)

    Though the tasmanian- tiger is an odd looking creature on the outside, it is beautiful with in. Please think about these words of wisdom- if you were to understand them, you are wise yourself.
    age 11

    Veronica <>
    Port Chester, New York, USA
    Thursday, 24th March 2005 at 5:55 (AEDT)

    Though the tasmanian- tiger is an odd looking creature on the outside, it is beautiful with in. Please think about these words of wisdom- if you were to understand them, you are wise yourself.
    age 11

    Veronica <>
    Port Chester, New York, USA
    Thursday, 24th March 2005 at 5:54 (AEDT)

    I think the tasmanian-tiger is a fascinating animal! its mouth opens very long. Are they extinct? There is a show on animal planet. They try to find things like big-foot and the moth-man. The tasmanian-tiger was on there too.
    age 12

    Emery <>
    PortChester, New York, USA
    Thursday, 24th March 2005 at 5:51 (AEDT)

    It is possible to find a tasmanian tiger?

    Joaquin Montoya <>
    Barcelona, Spain
    Thursday, 24th March 2005 at 4:35 (AEDT)

    im just curious to know something about this animals

    joseph landayan <>
    makati, philippines
    Wednesday, 23rd March 2005 at 18:12 (AEDT)

    i would like to know if they hunt in packs or single

    nicwilson <>
    calhoun, G,A, USA
    Thursday, 17th March 2005 at 2:50 (AEDT)

    i wanna more info about tasmanain-tiger becouse im a student at Tafe and im learning about animal care
    i think tasmanain-tiger so cool animal you can email more info about or chat on msn message ...

    MiniR <>
    Melb, VIC, Australia
    Sunday, 6th March 2005 at 2:28 (AEDT)

    thank you for the information i needed it for my school project. I do beleive the tasmanian tiger is not extinct and in hiding.

    from sidra age 10

    Sidra <>

    Saturday, 5th March 2005 at 11:49 (AEDT)

    this is a great website, thanks so much! Im always interested in reading about the thylacine. I dont think they are extinct. More pics would be great!

    mingo <>
    hobart, tasmania, australia
    Friday, 4th March 2005 at 22:57 (AEDT)

    Thankyou SO much for the great info. I needed it for an assignment and got TOP MARKS! THANKYOU!!! Also I believe that the Tasmanian Tiger exists but is great at hide and seek! I love the sightingsx files they were the base of one of my tasks for the assignment. GREAT WEBSITE 10/10

    Love from Carly Dee
    Age 11, Year 7.

    Carly Dee <>
    Darwin, NT, Australia
    Friday, 4th March 2005 at 18:14 (AEDT)

    I find that the Thylacene is very interesting. I'm glad that I came to your website. I do not believe that the Thylacene is extinct, it has just gotten smart enough to stay out of sight!!

    Jessica Welch-age 18
    Strong, AR, USA
    Friday, 4th March 2005 at 3:26 (AEDT)

    thankyou for the info i needed it for an asiment

    thankyou from karinda

    karinda <>
    perth, W.A, astrala
    Tuesday, 1st March 2005 at 20:38 (AEDT)

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