Sighting #8

Date: January 1988

Viewer: Female, approximately 65 years old. Wife of a deceased Midlands grazier. She is owner of a large property in the Cressy area. She also owns a property at Bridport and frequently takes the Ferny Hill Road out of Golconda to the Bridport Road on her way to the beach.


    My friend and I were driving along the road from Golconda the summer before last (1988). We were about three kilometres along the road. It was shocking - bumpy and bad. It was dusk and I came up a hill, turned to the right then down a short hill. I was only going about 20 kilometres per hour, the road was so bad. (Q. Was It Dusty? A. No.) I saw this animal eating offal at the side of the road. It didn't rush away. It was on the left side of the road and sort of sauntered to the right side. I was within metres of it. It was sort of like a half grown puppy-like dog. Not as large as a kelpie. Its nose was long, I noticed, and the colour was well, like my dog there. (Her dog was a light brown.) I noticed it didn't move quickly. Sort of strange. You'd think it would rush away. It had some stripes across the back and they went halfway down its side. Its ears were sticking up and it (I remember now) a long pointed face. I saw him for at least five or more seconds. I wish my friend had seen it, too. I don't tell many people about what I saw.


Sighting #8

category (Smith) points allocated category (Smith) points allocated category (Smith) points allocated
1Aii 3 3Aiii 5 4Aii 2
1Biii 5 3Biii 5 4Biii 3
2Aiv 3 3Cii 5    
2Bii 1 3Dii 2    
2Cii 2 3Eii 3    
2Di 0 3Fii 5    

Total Points:44/50

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