Sighting #2

Date: c1981-2

Note: a double sighting

Viewer: Female. Writer and retired university lecturer. At the time owned and operated the Stuga Restaurant in Lalla Road, Lilydale. She was 42 years old.


    Buck (my husband) and I had been to the pictures in Launceston. We were driving back to our home in Lalla. I think it must have been 11 o'clock at night. The night was clear. I think there was a moon. We were between Underwood and Lilydale, just about at the foot of the downhill curve when I saw two animals in the headlights. I could see them very clearly because they were right in front of us on the road and the lights were on full beam. Buck had to brake or he would have hit them, but they just stood there looking towards Brown Mountain. One was bigger then the other. The smaller one of the two was standing slightly behind and to the right. They looked awkward and were unusually shaped with stiff, unwieldy tails. Their heads were large and I could see stripes quite clearly, extending all along the back and getting smaller towards the tail. Buck had to swerve to miss them. He drove on for another couple of hundred metres before stopping. We just sat there for a couple of minutes, not saying anything. Then Buck asked me what I had seen. I told hum 'a Tiger!'. He said 'that's exactly what I saw!' We then compared what we had seen and there was no doubt that we had both seen the same thing. We turned around and drove back, hoping to see them again, but they were gone. Our friends laughed at us when we told them.


Sighting #2

category (Smith) points allocated category (Smith) points allocated category (Smith) points allocated
1Aiii 5 3Aiii 5 4Aiii 2
1Biii 5 3Biii 5 4Biii 3
2Aiv 3 3Cii 5    
2Biii 2 3Dii 2    
2Cii 2 3Eii 3    
2Dii 2 3Fii 5    

Total Points: 49/50

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