The data for this Report has been compiled for the following reasons:

  • To provide evidence that the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) may still exist in some areas of North Eastern Tasmania.
  • To halt further destruction of the Thylacine's natural habitat in areas adjacent and contiguous to the Panama Forest.

The significance of the Panama Forest and other State Forests is more than in woodchips and saw logs. The major significance of such native forests is in the habitat they provide for all indigenous species, in particular rare and endangered species. This includes a species that may be one of the world's rarest - the Thylacine.

Our Report concentrates on sightings of the Thylacine within a radius of approximately 20 kilometres of the Panama Ridge. This area includes the Lilydale district, Mt. Arthur, Lebrina, Golconda, a section through to Nabowla and associated areas.

We believe that, as a scientific tool, deductive reasoning has validity. As an example, scientists are still attempting to 'prove' Einstein's Theory of Relativity by empirical means. So far they have failed. Yet, by means of the deductive process, they accept his Theory as truthful. Is it any less scientific to accept the possibility of the Thylacine's continuing existence by deductive means? We think not. Therefore, we trust this Report will provide proof of the Thylacine's possible existence in areas including and adjacent to the Panama Forest.

We make no attempt to estimate numbers nor the permanence of the Thylacine within the area. It is entirely possible that the Thylacine is migratory through the Panama Forest region. Indeed, if the latter is the case, this Report may play a significant role in preserving native forests within the State.

Nevertheless, while Forestry Tasmania's mandate is to make a profit, destruction of natural habitat continues unabated. The goodwill, both national and international, which could be engendered by the preservation of habitat is incalculable.

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