About Buck and Joan

About Buck and Joan Emberg

Buck and Joan Emberg, rural residents of northeastern Tasmania, share a love of the natural environment and a need to live life unconventionally.

Joan was born in a small mining town on the Wild West Coast of Tasmania, Australia. She is proud of the isolation and ruggedness of her origins. When her family moved to Hobart, the capital city of Australia’s island state, she attended Hobart High School and the University of Tasmania where she earned her BA and Dip Ed. She then became a teacher in the State’s education system. She later earned her M Litt in American fiction from the University of New England, New South Wales.

Buck is a native of Proctor, Minnesota, USA. He too has great pride in the small railroad town which was his home. He attended Northwestern University, Gustavus Adolphus College, and the Lutheran School of Theology, earning a BA and M Div. He later earned his MA from the University of Washington. He moved to Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, and then to Renton, Washington, USA. In 1971 he immigrated with his family to Australia where he took up a teaching position in Launceston, Tasmania.

Together, Buck and Joan have shared in the raising of a combined family of eight children. During their early years they built and operated the Stuga Restaurant on their small farm. When their last child left home they sold everything they had for overseas adventures. Their travels led them to:

    a thatched ‘palapa’ on the Baja Sur peninsula of Mexico

    a fish factory on the Aleutian Islands of Alaska

    a tent on a beach in Hoganas, Sweden

    a search for Martin Cash, the Tasmanian Bushranger, in Eniscorty, Ireland.

After they were both appointed to teaching positions by the University of Maryland in its Overseas Divisions, they:

    shared a gravel pit resort with 5,000 campers in Hanau, Germany

    chanted with Franciscan monks in a monastery, Sardinia, Italy

    survived a Kurdish rebellion in Kilis, Turkey

    canoed the boundary waters of Minnesota/Ontario

    challenged communist cadres in Chongching, China

    snorkeled with sharks on the Marshall Islands

    rode bicycles during a typhoon on Okinawa, Japan

    lived for three years in downtown Seoul, Korea

    cycled against the wind across Canada

An accident while on the Marshall Islands forced Buck and Joan to leave their overseas teaching jobs and return to Tasmania. However, misfortune has not deterred their zeal. Since then they have:

    built a mud and log house in Tasmania’s rainforest wilderness

    authored or co-authored five books

    ridden bicycles down the East Coast of Australia

    established a publishing house

    been deeply involved in the protection of Tasmania’s environment

    become tiger hunters

Being two of the many who have seen the Tasmanian tiger in the wild, Buck and Joan have set up www.tasmanian-tiger.com to promote awareness of the thylacine’s continued existence and the need to protect its forest habitat.

Buck and Joan challenge the Government of Tasmania to cease cutting old growth forests and admit there is scientific evidence of the Tasmanian tiger’s survival.

Tasmania, Australia


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