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The origins of this site go back a few years to 1978 when we, Buck and Joan Emberg, saw two Tasmanian Tigers. We called the Department of Parks and Wildlife people and were pretty well fobbed off and told to not tell anyone. They said everyone would then be tramping through the bush tiger hunting. We accepted their rationale as valid. Then we found what we thought might be tiger droppings on our property. Excitedly we took them to Hobart, our capital city, and presented our 'prize' to an official. He took our scat (dropping) and perfunctorily tossed it into a drawer with perhaps a dozen other unlabelled bits of scat. The result of that action, of course, was the destruction of any scientific evidence. We were told to go home and be nice citizens and not tell anyone. THIS IS WHERE WE BEGAN TO BE SUSPICIOUS OF THE STATE GOVERNMENT'S AGENDA. Were they really 'fair dinkum' (Australian for 'sincere') about saving the animal...if it existed? If they were would they not do 'something'? In short, we and people like us were stonewalled.

We went home and began to call around our rural community. We asked people if they had seen any Tasmanian tigers in the past few years. We were astounded at the number of people who had. Most of them had called Parks and Wildlife and were also to keep it quiet. Officials warned some people that it was an illegal act to follow this 'extinct' animal and it could lead to police trouble. We are NOT people who see conspiracies and we are not suspicious people. HOWEVER, things happened.

We thought we found some tiger prints (also on our property) and made casts. The local newspaper published the story and, like most people who admitted they saw a tiger in the wild, we received scorn and derision. Now tiger hunting was getting fun! The experience of most who see the tiger in the wild is the same: scorn and derision. Most people wilt under that sort of criticism. Having raised eight children we had very thick skin and hardened egos. We could take most barbs tossed our way. We accepted "Tiger People" as a badge. Always involved in conservation issues, we began our battle with the Liberal government of the day and the succeeding Labor governments. We have come to the conclusion that the two parties, when they regain government from time to time, accept an agenda about the Tasmanian Tiger which goes something like this: 'We do not want the tiger discovered nor will we assist anyone who claims they have seen the animal.

So Tiger Buck and Tigress Joan began to put together a research paper. We have both taught research methods in various universities. We accepted the Tasmanian government's research questions concerning sightings: i.e. the Smith Methodology.

We proceeded to ask people in the community:

  1. Have you seen a Thylacine (Tiger) in the past few years?
  2. Where?
  3. How long did you view the animal? etc.

We produced 20 sightings and a report. (The same report is available on this website). A copy of the completed report was given to all relevant departments of state government and all politicians and/or government workers whom we thought should have a copy. The results of the report are interesting...no astounding…NO ONE, neither government worker nor elected official…responded. IN SHORT: THE TASMANIAN GOVERNMENT CONTINUED TO STONE WALL ALL INFORMATION GIVEN TO THEM CONCERNING THE THYLACINE. This report is yet to be found in any government information.

One official perhaps put it best when he said, "We will not accept a picture, scat or a hundred sightings of the Tiger to verify its existence. We will only accept a dead animal with the morning newspaper in its mouth." Whilst the imagery of the statement is humorous…it is NOT funny.

We may now proceed to the question of WHY, to this very day, the government continues to stonewall on the existence of the animal. We now know of almost one hundred sightings. All sightings are by people of good reputation and citizenship.

We believe succeeding governments’ rationale is found in the previous statement: Forest resources are more important to the economy of Tasmania than the discovery of an animal thought to be extinct.

We now have access to new technologies and are hopeful in proving the animal’s existence before the animal’s habitat is removed by forest and farming technologies. We know we will receive no help from any Tasmanian government. Why would they change now? Therefore, we ask scientists, bush walkers, students, animal lovers and all who believe in habitat protection for all animals (including human animals) to JOIN THE QUEST FOR THE TASMANIAN TIGER. THEY LIVE IN OUR SHRINKING TASMANIAN FORESTS. THEY EXIST.

Be a reader of our web site. Send in information either for or against. We will publish everything that is not defamatory or of an unclean nature. We will attempt to answer all queries. If we cannot, we will find someone who possibly can.

Perhaps the animal can be saved before the old growth forests are gone.

Signed: Buck Thor Emberg and Joan Dehle Emberg

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