narrated in convenient chapters

by author Joan Dehle Emberg

First published in book form by Tap Root Press, 2000

'25 Years with a Mad Man!' is the tale of an eccentric couple who, finding themselves abandoned and alone, join forces to finish raising their combined family of eight, build and run a Swedish restaurant on their small farm in Tasmania and who sell everything they own for overseas adventures when their last child leaves home. When the Australian dollar devalues by half they are forced to use every bit of ingenuity to continue their travels. This leads them to a horse- back encounter with a rattle snake in Mexico, jobs as head cooks in an Aleutian fish factory, a two-man tent in the Boundary Water of Minnesota, a Rent-a-Wreck near-death experience on England's MI-5, arrest as Irish terrorists in Gilbert and Sullivan's Penzance, a tent in a gravel pit in Germany, a Franciscan monastery in Sardinia, glare ice in Turkey, a sinking ferry in the Greek Isles, a fracas with the law in Yugoslavia, punishable-by-death situations in China, stairs to heaven in Korea, an unfortunate golf ball on the Marshall Islands, bicycling a typhoon in Okinawa, and building mud houses in Tasmania.

a very adventurous story from a very adventurous woman...and her crazy husband

"...a new literary genre_the middle-aged love adventure."

Barbara McCall, Texas USA

"...trust, respect and humour...shine throughout...a wonderful role model for all women..."
Dr. Maree O’Sullivan MD, Tasmania, Australia

"...a delicious book with quick turns and always FULL SPEED AHEAD! NOT your typical couple..."
Dr. Edward Davis PhD, California, USA

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Buck Emberg reads the best selling Tasmanian book


by Buck Emberg and Joan Dehle Emberg

"A deadly serious look at Tasmanian folklore and fact ... of spooks, spectres and things that go bump in the dark."
By Buck and Joan Emberg

Tasmania's recent history is not particularly happy. The European establishment of Van Diemen's Land in 1802 involves the establishing of a penal colony. Mother England was going to rid itself of its 'Criminal Class'. Van Diemen's Land was one of the dumping grounds.

Ghost tales are the stories of the people of an area. It is interesting that England has so many 'Upper Class' ghost stories. We have almost none in Tasmania. Why is that? Could it be that ghost stories are more of a reflection upon the story tellers than an objective tale of the supernatural? We think so!

As we collected these stories we did not seek to verify the truth or allegorical aspects of the account. We listened to the story teller, asked ourselves if the tale was a good 'yarn' and included it if we thought the narrative was worthwhile.

Some stories are sad such as Ghosts of Port Arthur or the Ghost of Garth House. Some are playful like the Ghost of St. Andrews Inn. Some are Methodical Ghosts who open the same door at precisely 8 o'clock each evening.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts GHOSTLY TALES OF TASMANIA documents the reflected self cognitions of Tasmania.

These fifty-two stories are, if nothing else, the unconscious oral history into the collective self-image of many Tasmanians.

"A deadly serious look at Tasmanian folklore and facts... of spooks, spectres and things that go bump in the dark."

First published by Regal Press, Tasmania.
Now in fourth printing

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